Whether you be regal or a minion
Your smile really has no opinion
But it eases the other person’s mind
Its something you don’t easily find
It says “Hello its ok relax man,
Life is too short I understan’”
A returned smile answers “Thanks bro,
You put me too at ease with your glow”

For a smile takes about 17 muscles only
A frown takes over 43 and its very ugly
No wonder a laugh a day
Can keep the doctor away
Believe me we would all go insane
For laughter carries away the pain
In hospitals they encourage laughter
For it makes the patients heal faster

A real smile has no opinion a sign of honesty
It faces anyone or anything a sign of bravery
Unlike sneers and frowns
Looking like faked clowns
And they are filled with malice and with anger
That’s why some can smile in the face of danger
They’re brave and are right into your face
Where the others hide under the surface

We can take a page from our kids as grown ups
Who smile all the time playing with their pups
Look at our kids at play both girls and boys
Smiling and laughing with imaginative toys
Or seeing babies as pure blank slates
Smiling not yet oblivious of their fates
For they haven’t been yet corrupted
By adults’ opinions not yet adapted