Life is no sense don’t you think? How much of it actually makes sense? Its just us filling time We are just tiny specks in a great broth Of galaxies and black holes ad gas clouds We are nothing so we try to make structures And meanings for ourselves Some things are deadly serious Like pain, hunger and human suffering These things actually hurt people They only seem meaningless to people Who aren’t actually suffering them Most of us have a persona We project to the outside world It’s the part of us they see And then there’s the it behind that Which remains with us When we turn the lights out Its really old fashion to have a soul What we are individually Sometimes a bit incomplete But there’s this thing inside us That’s the core of what we are
Some of our nation’s leaders’ve set a bad example For as they abuse, exploit, mow down and trample The very good people who put them in power Yet when rebuked or condemned they shower Them with long bullets as in the Arab spring Where the wrath of the people is still ringing From Yemen to Morocco
The Arabs have gone loco Finally coming to their senses They’ve broken down defenses Putting an end to autocracy Replacing it with democracy Be careful of what you wish for, hm! they say Ensure you’re not caught in a political estray In the West mankind is very unkind too At times biting more than he can chew Sometimes he is too proud to admit he’s wrong Instead of waving and singing his patriotic song As in the case of Uncle Sam Camouflaged as a big scam The most powerful country in the world Running around with its flags unfurled As millions of folks are without medicare
As the two parties jostle for votes in fear Here the rich can get away with murder Paving their way with a sly good lawyer Some are caught quickly in quagmire Plying their trade as a suicide bomber Many innocent folk suffers and get hurt As innocent by-standers lose their shirt Some unkind men pillage the earth Extracting and weakening its girth
From the oil, coal and iron mines Aggravating so many fault lines Then there are the vultures Who disregard all cultures
They are below man’s feces Killing endangered species They prey upon the weak and poor Dispensing all their hard drugs to them Luring them into an addiction problem Just for the green backs Using AK-47 in attacks And so it goes even when caught It always turned out to be naught For the Drug-lords sold their sole They know every law’s loophole Then they are the real hypocrites who really pray They’re the ones who go to church every Sunday Their sole evil intention all hell-bent Is to make Barak a one term President And then go to the big white house arena
Debating issues to benefit the taxpayer Using filibustering as their con Eventually nothing is being done Mankind has become very cruel Behaving worst than a darn fool Where men abuse women and children Done solely by machismo egotistic men Single mothers become the breadwinners The grand-parents become the care-takers And children without parents to love Look for it in all places but not Above Many fall in cracks by the wayside
Then they are in for long hard ride Mankind who used to be your brother Sadly today they’re killing one another And there is fundamentally very absent Respect for each of the commandment We really have to back to the basics Discard our hypocrisy and tricks Respect the laws of nature
Do not be so darn cocksure Stop texting learn to talk to one another And go back being our brother’s keeper