How many times we see on TV the other side
One from a family who just committed suicide
‘cause he’d been bullied not as a suicide bomber
As we close the coffin and return to our computer

We question and lay blame on the government
We are too scared helpless and cannot be blunt
Then we try to enforce new laws by ourselves
Hoping the answer is found from the shelves

They had good intentions who begat this social network
If and when it is used ethically even just for schoolwork
But teenage girls behaving like crows with a carcass
By bullying the weak and the least educated in class

Not to be outdone boys on busses act so macho
It’s as if self respecting teenage lads gone loco
Stand-bys are just as guilty as these brainless culprits
One wonders were they picked up these heinous habits

They’re afraid to talk to parents who’d just brush them off
Stuck in cocoons with cell phones as if they have a cough
But they have no good friends for they never made any
Their efforts maybe thwarted by some batty creepy bully

Parental guidance is severed as with a knife
To stay the mortgage or other expenses of life
Kids left alone feel lonely and locked in a vise
The effect is the loved ones pay a bitter price

Withdrawn daily staying indoors playing games
On line every darn minute chatting without aims
Getting fat on just pure unadulterated trash
When caught they changed tunes in a flash

It all boils down to the family who eats together
They’re more caring for kids are a real treasure
When they can talk openly about life and school
Work, stop the bullying not becoming a footstool

And they will stand fast by you to the end
They won’t offend or pretend but defend
And you all would look out for one another
For keeping close good friends are forever