(Part 11)

As stated before when

I went into the coolie den

There wouldn’t have been any Guyana

Without any coolies from Mother India

Our dharma is the best in the world

Made us and as others blood curled

Very proud Coolies in that clime

Our forefathers had a rough time

From Brahmins to Musahar                  

Chatris and Madrassies so far

They came bare without luggage

They left all their bias baggage

When they boarded the ships

But they made lasting kinships

Yes they have become jahajis[1]

Thank the Lord they did this

They’ve passed on their robust genes

And have developed unique cuisines

Good broughtupsy and etiquette

Maybe it was ordained as kismet

Some call it discipline or broad leather

Knock heads, bramble licks Oh brother!

Also known as cut rass

Which you get in class

We did not need anyone to teach us about the truth

Respect for other people’s property and being couth

We went to school to learn

Listen to our teachers

Not to yap on the phone

Or to moan and groan

Not to play video games

But focus and have aims

Not to disrupt classes

Like confound asses

From birth we were keen

About personal hygiene

Our parents took much care

Let us use clean underwear

Wash your face and at a very early age

Brushing teeth even if its with blacksage

Wash your hands before you eat

And after you touch the toilet seat

And take your shoes off, after entering

Never wear them to bed when sleeping

Cover your mouth when you cough

Whether you are poor or well off

It was a way of life

To respect wild-life

And you can get a sweet good swift

Kick in the ass for being a spendthrift

What you don’t have you never spend

You will be better off in the long end

They preached at with a good tongue lash

Wait until you can afford to buy it for cash

We build our houses then we built our homes

We make do living with parents in their domes

We never owe the banks

Later on we say thanks

To our coolie parents, we’re never caught

In any financial quagmire or so wrought

We’ve become the best

Shown test after test

Having the coolies spending their last cent

To educate their children as others hell bent

Spending unwisely as if there is no tomorrow

Until the bills come in with long faced sorrow        

We’ve built villages and cities better than the rest

In Essequibo, Corentyne to the far off  Northwest

We became linguists learning English, Hindi

Urdhu, speaking  Patwa with even a koorhee

Sing old time songs dance if the tassa call

Play the harmonium and knock the dhantal

Belt out chatneys at social gatherings

Yet deep down we’re humble earthlings

Living our life to suit us

As others making fuss

We belong to Hindus, Muslims, Christians

And try to forget and erase all racial demons

Celebrating Eid, Christmas and all holidays

Wait for Phagwah to play with abeer always

Near the Mosque sits the Hindu temple

Overlooking the Church is just a sample

Showing coolies around the world

With jai hind and our flag unfurled

We can show other nations how to live in peace

Like Rohan Kanhai hitting a six from his crease.

[1] These pioneers who came from Mother India
Are the East Indians today with a proud dharma

That’s still practiced with vigor and zest

For they had the stamina to come West



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