The world keeps on and on grinding
The wheels of the machines turning
While the rich gets richer
And the poor gets poorer

Dumb shoppers just bent on spending
For housewives and bratty kids crying
Never ever even thinking
Who did the fabricating

On their goddam shoes so shiny
On their goddam clothes so hippy
On their goddam nice oriental carpet
On their goddam toys their kids get

And in the west all buyers crowd
Malls and shopping centres aloud
Bartering and spending in fury
Until the bills come in January

In the east parents committing many sins
Selling their own god given young virgins
So pure and innocent to the highest bidder
In India, Malaysia, Cambodia and Burma

Innocent girls 12 and under owned by badgers
Kidnapped and drugged by these vile vultures
Shipped from city to city in trains, boats and ships
Satisfying the sick desires and myopic judgeships

Only men fit to live in Hades
Knowing the evil in their trades
Deflowering kids for a few trinkets
In these inhuman sex flesh markets

Fashion designers who stalks
Display their goods on catwalks
Using anorexics to strut with ease
So thin and weak to take the breeze

It’s all about sex and the lean looks
Which you see in movies and books
With over six inch heels on tiny feet
No one dresses like that on the street

Perverted Caucasians crossing all boundaries
In India they just pay about 60,000 rupees
In suit and tie in the hot sun all buying sin
With a nine year poor young lass a virgin

Back from his business and toys in his grip
He tells his family and kids of his arduous trip
Maybe carrying some STDs or aids
Bragging to pals about his escapades

But mostly the depravity of child prostitution
Comes from India so ripe with full corruption
Innocent girls given to the gods as Devidases
Corrupting the lives of these Nepalese lasses

The initiation deflowering ceremony done by priests
And it’s just like holy predators in some flesh feasts
Employed as slaves in brothels in Goa and Bombay
God help the Bangladeshi children until doomsday

These Devidases live in the temple with sages
They range from the tender 10-14 year ranges
Done by Marathai priests who fears no crackdown
She’s now Servant of god but wife of the whole town

It is believed in Andhra Pradesh evil can be avoided
In the Jogin system if a young girl is so dedicated
Here she gets actually married to the god Potharaju
At the tender age of five and nine nothing is new

Then when she reaches the age of puberty so fine
This young child becomes the exclusive concubine
Or better known as a religious prostitute
For the feudal gentry men of ill-repute

How can men sleep at nights peacefully
Earning their ill gotten gains stealthily
From organized prostitution grime
In this billion dollar sex trade crime

They care not for the kid if he’s dry or wet
Tied by his ankle working on their carpet
Or the other kids doing child labours
And being treated worse than beggars

And when all the fun is done who loses
They’re just keeping up with the joneses
In the harsh world out there
No one in the west even care




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