A quick glance at the headlines

And it makes your inside binds

All you read are the dark days ahead

Listening to what the doomsayers said

Concerns about growing population

And beware now! we have to ration

Energy, water and food shortages

As we listen and take it in stages

Using all our force just to fill

As parents take another pill

Easing the stress of the women and men

Or what’s in store for their grand children

Everything is farther from this proclamation

For we are ushering in radical transformation

Artificial intelligence, robotics and infinite computing

Ubiquitous broadband networks, digital manufacturing

Nanomaterials, synthetic biology

Many breakthrough technology

This will make us far better than our seers

Than they did before in the last 200 years

Every second they’ve deluged our senses

As our amygdale prepares for defenses

To win yes, that is what we always want

Once turned on it becomes hypervigilant

Sorting apart the critical from the casual

For anything that threatens our survival

These days we’re media saturated

By the TV and radio we’re blasted

Vying for our amygdala’s attention

The weak eats up all the sick potion

For if it bleeds it leads works

Preached by our media jerks

Saying terrorists may attack

Coming from back-track

That the economy could nose dive

As the big boys giving high five

The amygdale can’t tell the difference

 So we’re always left without a balance

It won’t shut down unless the threat is vanished

Meanwhile all their evil scams have flourished

Even the poor today in America have much access by far

To water, telephone, toilet, television, air cond. and a car

Go back 150 years and the richest barons (robber)

Had less even in Africa today than a Masai warrior

Today he has a smart phone with Google

And with bragging rights that he is able

With a feast of features, watch, stereo, camera, video camera

Voice recorder, video telecom. equipment and a GPSs tracker

A library of books and dictionaries, films, and every game

And today the life for every native or Masai is not the same

This would’ve cost any rich man $1 Million  20 years ago

Today it’s owned by all the CEO’s or a man from the ghetto

To his friends he’s much more to brag and show

More than his mighty president did 25 years ago

And good things are happening all over the globe

Information-based technologies are on the probe

An $8 million supercomputer now sits in your pocket

Its affordable today and a must in every man’s budget

Philanthropists creating more than they prefer to hoard

And more do-it-yourself innovators coming on board

Finally a real global conversation is taking place

Just recently Elbert L. Rutan flew into space

Dr.Craig Venter[1] was able to bring home

The race to sequence the human genome

Dan Kamen tackling water scarcity invented a water purifier

And that means polluted water, seawater, even latrine water

Can be turned into the sweet purest water on earth

Making water around the world less than its worth

Spending millions like Bill gates to eradicate malaria

And Naveen Jain is crusading against poverty in India

Pam Omidyar is bringing electricity to the world

And many others letting their geniuses unfurled

And the sagacious writing is seen on the wall

Bringing a potent force of abundance for all




Naraine Datt


Ps. Your feedback is welcomed.



[1] Dr.Craig Venter, the pioneering US geneticist behind the experiment, said the achievement heralds the dawn of a new era in which new life is made to benefit humanity, starting with bacteria that churn out biofuels, soak up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and even manufacture vaccines.