What this world would be
Without our women
Don’t be stupid, dummy
There would be no men
For behind any good man
There is a good woman

There would be no world
No country
No flags to be unfurled
So empty
For women bring love into play for all
This sometimes adds to man’s downfall

What would the world be without fashion
It would be a real mess
Living in a bomb-shelter without ration
Seeing a man in a dress
It would be like a hive without bees
Living in a desert without any oases

Imagine a world without any bikini
No G-string
It would be so barren, no beauty
A sad thing
There would be no healthy beach
And nothing for all men to reach

No matter how man prays to the above
He’d be left with a world so barren
He would never be able to fall in love
In a world so dull and foreign
It wouldn’t be a world but a big joke
Like drinking good rum without coke

Men would be left facing the wall
For men without women
There wouldn’t be any Taj Mahal
A cock without a hen
It would be a sad, wretched world indeed
And men would have no use for their seed

And those commercials about hygiene and Secret
For which men have no need
They say their pH-balance don’t make them fret
For which men take no heed
But whether they use Massengill or wear panty-hose
A rose by any other name is still a bleddy rose

Men would surely go robust and bust
The macho stereotype so sterile, so vain
What would men do with all that lust
Like going the other way in a one way lane
That’s one sensation of which they would be deprived
Which can’t be replaced no matter how they contrived

Without women there’d be no heartbeat
Men’s hearts would not last very long
That would be the cause of men’s defeat
There would be no love in their song
Their world would be in monotone
With poor men’s hormone all alone
No night life without night-gals
Boring, boring
Men can’t have fun with their pals
I’ll be snoring
It’s women who maintain the balance and checks
And men can’t live without this opposite sex
Men would not need bedrooms
No marriage no honeymoon
No brides and no bride-grooms
Like a song without a tune
Then men may really learn a thing or two
For without women they can’t find a clue

Finally last but not least
A man without a woman
Will resort back to a beast
And become a lesser man
Sailing a sunken sail less ship without a mast
In a planet just hit by a darn nuclear holocaust.



Some say the white man came from above oh oh!
That is if you believe that supernatural stuff…UFO
The locals treated him not like a beast
Like the three wise men from the East
Like how Columbus founded the West Indies
Then try to convert the poor Indians! Please!
When that failed they went buffalo butchering
Leaving the Red Indians starving and cowering
Coveting land from humble folks with their flags unfurled
Settling up their own towns and villages all over the world.
But in their wake they left many in tears day after day
All over the good land which was never theirs any way
They malreated many a people who cried long tears
Someone got to be punished for we know God cares
You can sing, and run and jump with all your might
For karma is bitter sweet when it comes back to bite

When some countries got their freedom
Their governments thought they’re dumb
They too tried to do like the Caucasians
Who maltreated the local Amerindians
They built cities and made kingdoms
Living it up drinking coke and rums
They lived the good life like the imperial master
As they too put the little man on the backburner
As their own folks live in poverty
Amidst their masters’ proclivity
For years the people took it and did nothing
The doers willfully neglecting them sneering
The reapers of the ill gotten gains in their castles in a moat
You take it staying quiet for you don’t want to rock the boat
Tears have been shed every day many going insane
And someone has to pay, here comes karma again

Living the likes of a hog as they shed tears of joy
As they plot and scheme to carry out their ploy
Wives, mothers and children became high brows
Covered from head to toe as their belief allows
But the poor farmers keep toiling and trod on
Eking a miserable living to bring in the bacon
And months became years and fades
And decades ran into more decades
Until the people ran out of tears
They swear and shed their fears
Their anger reached every man, child and wife
For all they ask for is just to live a simple life
Their anger reached a pitch they want to get even
They were ready to face torture of even an AK47
The cry for freedom and democracy was in the air
And every man in South East Asia wanted a share

And so in Tunisia, one day in a little town called Tunis
Using a format called Facebook the locals found bliss
The folks sent messages to one another
Innocently talking and in serious chatter
When Muhammad Bouazizi, a farmer doused himself in kerosene
Which was seen all over the world to show his wrath of that mean
Ben Ali Dictator who lived like a hog for over 27 years
As unemployment grew, people die shedding long tears
All about their welfare and hardship in rage
Actually, bottom line they wanted a change
Citizens were called to silent arms and demanded democracy
Ben Ali trembled in his boots but stuck to his despotic policy
And when the smoke cleared the dictator was kicked out
The people rejoiced as they sang tears of joy and shout
As they pray and hope for a better tomorrow
But the fires were burning all the way to Cairo

Hundreds and thousands were alerted who care
And they all met at the famous Tahrir Square
And the words that went out were “We have taken up
Enough of this, we’ve to bring this nonsense to a stop
The news spread like wildfire all the way to Benghazi
But was trampled by tanks, guns of an insane Hosnie
And Mubaruk refused to budge as the people persevere
Strengthened by the victory in Tunisia they didn’t care
T‘was do or die they made up their minds shouted out their demands
To oust Mubaruk after 30 years of stealing the wealth of their lands
Eventually he packed up his bags and left after 30years of conniving
As the Muslim Brotherhood stood silently on the sidelines watching
The fires had already spread to Libya a kettle of a different brand
Democracy was a word Muammar Gaddafi could never understand
As he dined with prostitutes in Cannes in Europe like a leech
At home he ruled with an iron hand banning even free speech

Bucket a guh a well everyday , one day
Eh battam guh lef my Nannie used to say
As Tripoli seethed and the people protested
As men women and children were slaughtered
Using jet fighters, tanks and mercenaries from Africa
As his own soldiers refused to kill their own in Libya
Hiding behind his high walls madly raving
With his two evil sons aiding and abetting
After 42 years of wallowing in the Libya’s troughs he can
He said he’d kill any opposer to the last woman and man
The world is shouting that this is a crime against humanity
But all words fell on the mad ears of a man bent on insanity
As the UN and the USA threatened and warned
That no more innocent Libyans should be harmed
Gadhafi answered by sending planes to shoot at oil rich Brega
Threatening before he goes he’d burn the oil wells of Libya

I said we get the Gov’t. we’ve chosen
Sometimes the voters are left frozen
And they have to put up and abide
Their time and flow with the tide
Cause they’re evil forces at work out there
And the innocent are cornered in dire fear
Like what happened in the 1960’s in Guyana
When the British stealthily agree with the USA
To stifle the PPP and oust Dr.Cheddi of Guyana
For they thought Guyana would be another Cuba
History has proved after 28 years Cheddi was not
But Burnham was and that was what Guyanese got
In Africa and Europe dictators arose
All eventually got the peoples’ blows

Those who don’t have it want it
But really can they handle it?
Those who like in the west have it abuse it
Today many are unfit they can’t handle it
Democracy is what they want
They shouted give us in any slant
In the garage we want a good motor
An oven, a stove and the refrigerator
A detached home is so so
A townhouse or a condo
A job in the bank and money inside
No matter what they promise to abide
We see water it’s not a mirage
We also want a car in the garage.
Many times we have seen great incorporations
And the architects ending up in incarcerations

Look back in History with the great Mahatma
When he and Jinnah were fighting for one India
Jinnah caused India to split is a fact
He was the brains of the Luknow Pact
Jinnah never wanted an Independent India
He was too violent even rejected satyagrah
Every time Gandhi preached cooperation
It was met with the Lahore Resolution
The same thing happened in Guyana’s PPP
When the Muslims rejected the Jagan’s Party
In that case the CIA’s puppet Mr Langley1
Gave Richard Ishmael $2.08 M for perpetuating the 80 day strike
Also to the Muslims and the Trade Union Council and their like
The Muslims split the Indian vote and formed a PNC coalition2.
Joined with Burnham who later kicked them out in jubilation

Greedy rulers from Stalin to Mussolini
From Ben Ali to Mubharak to Gadafi
And the others in poor Africa
Even Burnham from Guyana
All have one common denominator
And that is the built in greedy factor
Their coffers are bare yet they spend much on war
Their people go hungry as the leaders dine on caviar
Even the educated started our good then made a mess
This shows greedy rulers can’t rule I have to confess
How can these so-called leaders sleep deep at night
When their people sleep with a bug infested plight
When the practice the opposite what’s preached by the Koran
Covering their women from head to toe sheltered by Sharian
Laws as they defile and use other women like play things
Paying top dollars for sexy women who party and sings

They pray 5 times per day pointing toward Mecca
As they bank the peoples money to be used later
At the Cayman Islands, Swiss or the country they all hate
Or just invested it in stocks and bonds and in real estate
Since the last time we spoke
Some thought it was a joke
Since then we saw the fall of the South East Asian Empire
A dire land of totalitarians and some secular pundits for hire
Tempered by monastic vows
Treating their women like cows
Governing wretched peoples who sneered and applauded
When the Twin Towers praying to their God were bombed
A people who always want the green US dollars
But funneled the money for domestic owned wars
And sat and took it decade after decades
As that part of the world became Hades

Fast forward to Toronto Ontario, to live
With the Liberal Party vs the Conservative
You would never believe politicians can be so sick
One would surely think he’s in a Banana Republic
Wasting and covering it up is the order of the day
And all the poor taxpayers don’t have a darn say
Billions of dollars wasted to save their party some seats
As erasing tapes and emails done secretly at their meets
The fists would fly and guns would be drawn
But all dumb Ontarians do is smile and yawn
But really you have to blame it on the naive lesbians
Pride has voted as a block maybe they got the billions
When the people put party before sound economics
It always come back to bite them where it ticks
Only time would tell in the next few years
But then it may be too late for long tears



How many times we see on TV the other side
One from a family who just committed suicide
‘cause he’d been bullied not as a suicide bomber
As we close the coffin and return to our computer

We question and lay blame on the government
We are too scared helpless and cannot be blunt
Then we try to enforce new laws by ourselves
Hoping the answer is found from the shelves

They had good intentions who begat this social network
If and when it is used ethically even just for schoolwork
But teenage girls behaving like crows with a carcass
By bullying the weak and the least educated in class

Not to be outdone boys on busses act so macho
It’s as if self respecting teenage lads gone loco
Stand-bys are just as guilty as these brainless culprits
One wonders were they picked up these heinous habits

They’re afraid to talk to parents who’d just brush them off
Stuck in cocoons with cell phones as if they have a cough
But they have no good friends for they never made any
Their efforts maybe thwarted by some batty creepy bully

Parental guidance is severed as with a knife
To stay the mortgage or other expenses of life
Kids left alone feel lonely and locked in a vise
The effect is the loved ones pay a bitter price

Withdrawn daily staying indoors playing games
On line every darn minute chatting without aims
Getting fat on just pure unadulterated trash
When caught they changed tunes in a flash

It all boils down to the family who eats together
They’re more caring for kids are a real treasure
When they can talk openly about life and school
Work, stop the bullying not becoming a footstool

And they will stand fast by you to the end
They won’t offend or pretend but defend
And you all would look out for one another
For keeping close good friends are forever



Always blasting the old coastland
From Point Playa to Springland
Daily taking the beating and all
Was and is the good old Sea Wall
Firstly built by the good old Dutch
And now have some of other’s touch
Like Don Quixote she clasped the waves
Reminiscent of Guyana Arawak’s braves
With dirt and concrete so reinforced
Battling the Atlantic Ocean’s course
Eight feet below sea level still
As the foaming froth try to fill
The land with her muddy salt sea water
Standing her ground and getting stronger
Over spill sucked up by waiting crab-grass
As the sea wall looks upon this as eye-pass
And the waters shyly ebbs away
Only to be returned another day
The old man watching the brackish waters
Heedless of the local bat and ball cricketers
Waiting  for the right time and tide
To throw his cast-a-net far and wide
As a gull flitters nearby as an imp
For the discarded fish or shrimp
And life goes on as farmers forge ahead
Thinking of their crops and homestead
Not knowing how much pressure it‘d take
Or when and where the sea-wall could break

The sea-wall is alive as day is nearly closing
Some come for walks others at their choosing
Lovers holding hands and watch the sunset
True and even taboo unions try to forget
What will befall them with their confessions
For then inter-marriage could cause fractions
Partly the sea-wall is covered with graffiti
As trustful hearts keep it out of boundary
The wall can tell of broken hearts and tears
Of peers and fears which fell on deaf ears
And as you follow the sea-wall to the city
You see lovers smooching in many an alley
They are on bicycles or just standing
Looking into one another’s eyes talking
As the waters lash the sea-wall with sprays
Likewise hearts and desires are in a blaze
Looking across the sea each with  dreams
For life abroad hatching plots or schemes
Concentrating on emotions so fervent
Oblivious of all in that environment





(Part 11)

As stated before when

I went into the coolie den

There wouldn’t have been any Guyana

Without any coolies from Mother India

Our dharma is the best in the world

Made us and as others blood curled

Very proud Coolies in that clime

Our forefathers had a rough time

From Brahmins to Musahar                  

Chatris and Madrassies so far

They came bare without luggage

They left all their bias baggage

When they boarded the ships

But they made lasting kinships

Yes they have become jahajis[1]

Thank the Lord they did this

They’ve passed on their robust genes

And have developed unique cuisines

Good broughtupsy and etiquette

Maybe it was ordained as kismet

Some call it discipline or broad leather

Knock heads, bramble licks Oh brother!

Also known as cut rass

Which you get in class

We did not need anyone to teach us about the truth

Respect for other people’s property and being couth

We went to school to learn

Listen to our teachers

Not to yap on the phone

Or to moan and groan

Not to play video games

But focus and have aims

Not to disrupt classes

Like confound asses

From birth we were keen

About personal hygiene

Our parents took much care

Let us use clean underwear

Wash your face and at a very early age

Brushing teeth even if its with blacksage

Wash your hands before you eat

And after you touch the toilet seat

And take your shoes off, after entering

Never wear them to bed when sleeping

Cover your mouth when you cough

Whether you are poor or well off

It was a way of life

To respect wild-life

And you can get a sweet good swift

Kick in the ass for being a spendthrift

What you don’t have you never spend

You will be better off in the long end

They preached at with a good tongue lash

Wait until you can afford to buy it for cash

We build our houses then we built our homes

We make do living with parents in their domes

We never owe the banks

Later on we say thanks

To our coolie parents, we’re never caught

In any financial quagmire or so wrought

We’ve become the best

Shown test after test

Having the coolies spending their last cent

To educate their children as others hell bent

Spending unwisely as if there is no tomorrow

Until the bills come in with long faced sorrow        

We’ve built villages and cities better than the rest

In Essequibo, Corentyne to the far off  Northwest

We became linguists learning English, Hindi

Urdhu, speaking  Patwa with even a koorhee

Sing old time songs dance if the tassa call

Play the harmonium and knock the dhantal

Belt out chatneys at social gatherings

Yet deep down we’re humble earthlings

Living our life to suit us

As others making fuss

We belong to Hindus, Muslims, Christians

And try to forget and erase all racial demons

Celebrating Eid, Christmas and all holidays

Wait for Phagwah to play with abeer always

Near the Mosque sits the Hindu temple

Overlooking the Church is just a sample

Showing coolies around the world

With jai hind and our flag unfurled

We can show other nations how to live in peace

Like Rohan Kanhai hitting a six from his crease.

[1] These pioneers who came from Mother India
Are the East Indians today with a proud dharma

That’s still practiced with vigor and zest

For they had the stamina to come West




Watching American Idol with my wife she was shocked when Joshua was blind-sided. I wasn’t, I told her he lost because he was black. Then last night Jessica was robbed[1]. I said, “I told you so”. I said she lost because she is not white. I am not a racialist; let’s get that clear and straight.

Well let’s check the record starting with slavery which took a civil War to quell, yet racialism is still rampant in good old America. These are the offspring of folks who would not allow blacks to sit up front in a bus, who refused to sell or cater to them, refused to drink from the same tap just because they were black.

Case and point, when the second term came up for Barak, the Republicans without asking or being provoked said “their sole wish was to make Barak a one term President,” and this was just because he was black.

In the wars (Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan) blacks fought alongside whites but when they returned home to the USA they were snubbed and never given the respect and veterans’ benefits they deserved. Remember the Tuskegee experiment which prompted President Clinton to say.”The United States government did something that was wrong—deeply, profoundly, morally wrong. It was an outrage to our commitment to integrity and equality for all our citizens clearly racist.”  Yea! only in America.!!!

There is no doubt, as acknowledged by the 3 judges, Jimmy, and all Canadians, watching American Idol that Joshua was over the top in talent for singing and showmanship, yet because he was black, he was blindsided by the white votes for Phillips. Why? Because Joshua is black. This kind of racial hatred would continue to happen in America until the last sad sly soul of the last son or daughter of former slave owners pass away.



[1] This was the general consensus of The View on Thursday morning. May 24th,2012




As stated before when

I opened the coolie door

There wouldn’t

Have been any Guyana

Without any coolies

Our darma’s the best in the world

Helped made us what we are are

Very damn proud Coolies

Our forefathers had a rough time

 From Brahmins to Musahars

Chatris and Madrassies

They left all their baggage

When they boarded the ships

But thank the Lord they did

They have passed on

Their robust genes

To their children’s children

We’d good broughtupsy

Some call it discipline

We call it broad leather

Slap, knock heads

Bramble licks

Also known as cut rass

At home and at school

We didn’t need anyone

To teach us about the truth

About respect for elders

 For other people’s property

We went to school to learn

Listen to our teachers

Not to yap on the phone

Play video games

Disrupt classes

We knew from birth

About personal hygiene

To use clean underwear

Brush our teeth

Wash our hands before

Be mannerly

Take your hat before entering

Take your shoes off

Never wear them to bed

Cover your mouth

When you cough

It was a way of life

And talk about being thrift

You never ever spend

What you don’t have

If you can’t buy it for cash

Then wait until you can

We build our houses

Then we built our homes

Sometimes we make do

Living with parents

We never owe the banks

Later on we say thanks

To our coolie parents

And so we’re not be caught

In any financial quagmire

We’ve become the best

Having the coolies

Spending their last cent

To educate their children        

We’ve built villages and cities

Which stand out from the rest

We became linguists

Learning English, Hindi

Urdhu and Patwa

We still sing our old time songs

Play the harmonium and dhantal

Dance when the tassa drums call

Belt out our chatneys

At social gatherings

And live our life to suit us

As others making fuss

We belong to various faiths

Hindus, Muslims, Christians

We celebrate all holidays

We pray for Eid

Get ready for Christmas

And can’t wait for Phagwah

The Hindu temple

Sits near the Mosque

Overlooking the Church

The coolies around the world

Can show other nations

How to live in peace