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How low can a man go
Just to make money
Some will sink so low
Even sell their family

We have seen how they destroy so ardent
The flora and fauna since birth
And how they’ve abused the environment
Thus destroying Mother Earth

They are killing one another
For the riches of the earth
They would invade and destroy
Just to get their own way

After so much tears have shed
Stifled by so much gross insensitivity
Have we really lost our Godhead
That we have eyes and yet can’t see

Of all the destructive catastrophes
The bloody waters of the Taiji Cove
Stands out above the rest like breeze
Sicker than any bad politics they wove

We have evolved as a being with no empathy
We are all omni-magni appetite consumers
A blood sucking normality conforming society.
Who can’t say no as a bunch of meat eaters

Man the killer of dreams
And everything it seems
But man can do better yes he can
He can choose his meat or go vegan

Man the killer
And destroyer
Of his very own kind
With a corrupted mind

Man the lover of wars
Leaving painful scars
Where-ever be goes
When-ever be scores

Man the killer of dreams
And hopes or so it seems
Whatever he finds
Like young minds

Man leaves trails
When-ever be fails
Of broken hearts
In flesh marts
Without meals
In paddy-fields

Man makes the poor, the poorest
Especially in the rain-forest
Displacing the poor aborigines
Depriving them of their means
To eke out a livelihood
As he preaches brotherhood

Man the abuser of wildlife
With his gun and knife
Using it with no care
To collect his souvenir
And when the animals fall
He hang them on his wall

But man is a sinner
A killer and a loser
Destroying our planet and all
Which would be his downfall


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