The most powerful negative word is HATE
This one son-of-a-b**** word was with us
From the beginning when Cain slew Abel
When Moses came down from the mountain
And saw his people whom he just freed
From the jaws of the Roman Pharaoh
Partaking in idolatry and debauchery
He threw the Ten Commandments
On the sinners and many went to hell
But mankind was always evil and hateful
And we can’t have love if there’s no hate
But then you can’t keep on hating
Unless some are profiteering from hatred
In modern times we have witnessed
How some divide and rule
Or spread hatred to cause division
Then the Saints came marching in
As peace makers with sly grins
We had our fill of the Cold War
But the foundation was built on hatred
The two big superpowers parry and thrust
As injustice lasted for over 5 decades
Each aiding and abetting by proxy wars
Creating havoc leaving millions homeless
From the Suez, Berlin to the Cuban Missile crises
Erupting with Korea, Vietnam, and the Yom Kippur wars
Spreading from Ethiopia, Angola to Mozambique
To the Middle East in Iraq and in Afghanistan1
Many stood their ground and never succumbed
And eventually love reaped its rewards
The crumbling of the Berlin Wall
Was showered with uncontrollable love
On both sides of that vicious wall
Unity of the two Vietnams and one Germany
As we wait for Korea to become humane again
The war mongers are always waiting
In the wings for the next warring nation
Hatred needs ammunition like guns
Tanks, planes, bullets, rockets, mines and bombs
Folks are getting richer as the refugees pile up
As the UN fights a hopeless case again and again
And we we create more strife and wars
We get more temples, mosques and churches
And we end up with nations of pure hatred
But we can’t keep on hating
Surely we have seen its not working2
We ask why they hate us?
They answer, Why you hate us?
Why not try loving one another?


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