Watching American Idol with my wife she was shocked when Joshua was blind-sided. I wasn’t, I told her he lost because he was black. Then last night Jessica was robbed[1]. I said, “I told you so”. I said she lost because she is not white. I am not a racialist; let’s get that clear and straight.

Well let’s check the record starting with slavery which took a civil War to quell, yet racialism is still rampant in good old America. These are the offspring of folks who would not allow blacks to sit up front in a bus, who refused to sell or cater to them, refused to drink from the same tap just because they were black.

Case and point, when the second term came up for Barak, the Republicans without asking or being provoked said “their sole wish was to make Barak a one term President,” and this was just because he was black.

In the wars (Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan) blacks fought alongside whites but when they returned home to the USA they were snubbed and never given the respect and veterans’ benefits they deserved. Remember the Tuskegee experiment which prompted President Clinton to say.”The United States government did something that was wrong—deeply, profoundly, morally wrong. It was an outrage to our commitment to integrity and equality for all our citizens clearly racist.”  Yea! only in America.!!!

There is no doubt, as acknowledged by the 3 judges, Jimmy, and all Canadians, watching American Idol that Joshua was over the top in talent for singing and showmanship, yet because he was black, he was blindsided by the white votes for Phillips. Why? Because Joshua is black. This kind of racial hatred would continue to happen in America until the last sad sly soul of the last son or daughter of former slave owners pass away.



[1] This was the general consensus of The View on Thursday morning. May 24th,2012


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