Fellow countrymen, if you love your children
And want to see them as decent men and women
Then you’ll have to do your homework
Or your kid would end up like a jerk
Why do we only train animals?
Look around at some of your pals
They had no training
No proper upbringing
No parent should neglect a child
To allow it to just grow up wild
Though to blame society is fashionable
You are the only culprit that is culpable
I know it needs the Wisdom of Solomon
And it’s a job and a bloody full time one
Coupled with the patience of Job and then some
Much needed for the difficult days yet to come
Do you remember your mother’s favorite saying
Don’t talk with food in your mouth when eating
Then how she would preach, Never Pout
That Silence is golden, never shout
But when you listen to some folks in a crowd
They behave so rambunctious and so darn loud
Were their parents dumb, stupid or incapable?
Me thinks they were brought up in a stable
Then there were the basics
And she knew all the tricks
Always strict and maybe mean
When it comes to personal hygiene
But today some grown-ups look like trash
As if from creation they never ever wash
People or animal, you can’t tell which, it’s sad
For they, believe it or not, smell very, very bad
These people maybe have no friend
Some one who can show them the end
Someone to give them at least a hint
And introduce them to a double mint
Here they spend more time on their dogs
As their kids are left to play like hogs
Ready with bag and scoop they ran
After their dogs as often as they can
If only they spend that quality time
With their kids to prevent crime
The world would be a better place
And we’d be more humane as a race
So if you’re guilty of these upbringings
Went through some of these sufferings
Don’t sit and mope, but use your wits
And don’t pass along your bad habits.
Don’t kill me OK?
Naraine Datt


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