The good ones pray for a good kill

The bad ones pray to have their fill

With promises of what not

To do justice to the other lot

Both sides are also very greedy

They’re always willing and ready

Will even go to their places of worship

And after praying will talk eat and sip

As they plan to get rid of the enemy

Amidst out bursts of blasphemy

And then they go out into the real world

Silently praying with their flags unfurled

Doing their chores just like some simple folks

But behind your backs they share racist jokes

And do all kinds of silly dumb things

And this is how some get their flings

The bad parents turn their eyes

As if they’re gazing at the skies

When their kids do something wrong

Knowing fully well it won’t last long

For soon they bound to be a rift

Like when they steal or shop lift

I guess they willfully forgot

Bad company said the parrot

The good parents will grab their kid

And rebuke them for what they did

Some will even go all the way for sure

And return culprit and article to the store

Despite the little fact that we’re all god’s children

And would one day grow up to be men and women

We should do the right thing always

So we’d have less numbered days

For after all to do good is easy

Being bad makes you shifty

It perverts your conscions

Creates much dissension

Makes you a deceiver and a liar

Like you’re always sitting on briar

With restless sleep and nightmares

Wet with perspiration and with fears

Which is not good for your poor soul and your sad heart

And can be avoided by doing the right thing from the start



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