Without mothers we surely won’t be here

It’s fitting to celebrate one day of the year

For these beautiful people mothers

Who’re our aunts, wives and sisters

Our over worked nurses, and doctors

Our friends and everyday teachers

Yet in some places of this planet

Not a tiny respect they don’t get

They are abused and denied their right

And stopping this wrong is not in sight

Mothers are very precious

Their meals are delicious

For the socks or shirt you can’t find

A mother is there to soothe your mind

If you are lazy and leave your room in a mess

She’ll fret but she’ll clean it I have to confess

Some kids’ eyes are covered with wool

Then motherhood to them is ungrateful

They love you with faults anyhow

They will even face a butting cow

If someone ever threaten a mother’s young

Even if you threaten to cut out their tongue

They will defend their young so gallantly

And you will always have their loyalty

They are the bulwark of the health systems

They’re more precious than diamond or gems

No matter how warring with flags we unfurled

Our loving mothers brought us into this world


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