You say doomed
They say doomed
The sky is falling
The aliens are coming
Yet we send robots to Mars
To view the skyline
Not a giraffe in sight
What are we to believe
These neophytes with new toys
Hee hawing over nothingness

Everyone cutting back
Downsizing economizing
To take up the slack
Right down to your scrotum
Penny wise and pound foolish
Amidst this humdrum
Some is get very rich
Our pride our nuclear plants
Now hunting grounds
For another Love Canal?

We are going
Down the tubes
Like the other
Fallen civilizations
We have forgotten
Why we are here
We are being insulted
The Baby Boomers failed
They became warped
With the drugs taken
In Woodstock in the 60’s

Look at the results
Bre-X scandals
Robbing the poor
In broad daylight
And get away with it
Bankruptcies and walk away
Corrupt governments
At all levels then
Walk away with fat pensions
Taxed thc consumer to the hilt
And walk away

We are weak and heavy laden
With the niceties of life
We do not want
To rock the boat
But the house is falling
Its easy to walk away
And pass the buck
Let someone else get IT
We smile and sneer
Like hypocrites
Ready to jeer
But don’t have the balls
To stand up and fight

The baby boomers have
Created a bunch of
Misfits and weaklings
They maybe straight
But can’t administrate
Its sad they sound bad
But we’ve all been had
Losers! Oh Suckers!!
It will take a messiah I guess
To get us out of this mess

How long are we
To look the other way
And let these
Constipated dirty nailed
Pot bellied bandits
Rob our kids
Of their inherited rights
Without any pension
Like having
A good education
And good jobs later
Live in a free
Clean environment
With less or no crime
Or are we going
To walk away?


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